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Video Marketing

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and it deals only with video content. Google being the worlds largest search engine, prioritizes it’s video content and pushes it to the top of it’s ranking positions. The worlds largest social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram) have also declared that by the end of 2020, most of their content will be video content.

Video cannot be ignored when building a brand online but we understand that it can be challenging to find the time to shoot, edit and distribute video content. Our goal is to use our video team to position you as the authority in your niche.

Graphic Design

The statement that perception is reality has never been more true than it is today, now that we’re living in a digital marketplace. If you don’t take the time to plan out and be aware of the way that you’re showing up in today’s market, you can cost yourself a lot of business today and moving forward. Most if not all of what we engage with on the internet is primarily based around graphic design.

We’ve taken the time to invest into a design strategy that is based around a brand kit, built around the message of your business. Our goal is to ensure that you show up looking like one billion dollars everytime your customers see you, on or offline.

Targeted Marketing

This is one of the most valuable steps in your growth strategy if you’re looking to make an impact online. Generally speaking, we place hyper relevant content in front of a targeted audience on the major social media channels, and we track everyone who engages with it. From there, we follow up with them to continue the process of serving their needs/interests and building a genuine relationship with them.

This process requires a high-level strategy, the right tools and a proven process for implementation. Our goal is that you’ll allow our team of specialists to unleash a targeted marketing campaign on your behalf and help you grow your audience as well as your customer base.

Niche Blogging

One of the most effective ways to increase your ranking position in the search engines is by committing to publish an informative and service based blog. An effective blog is one that posts hyper-relevant conversation that is used to answer questions and assist seekers in their search for a product, service or solution for a challenge they currently face.

Informing, educating and assisting the hundreds, if not thousands of people who are currently looking for what you have to offer is a sure-fired way to grow your business. Our goal is use our team of content creators to publish and post hyper-relevant conversations on behalf of your brand.

Premium Website

Your brand is literally held together by your website on the internet. When someone is interested to learn more about your product or service, they’re going to find themselves on your website. Most often, social media accounts will also lead people to your website.

At Perfect Blend, we understand that business owners don’t always have a massive budget to invest into their website. They also have a limited understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Our goal is to put together a premium website for your brand that serves your customers at the highest levels.

Chatbot Support

The average visitor offers about 7 seconds of their attention to any given brand to determine whether or not they’re going to spend more time or invest more of their energy learning about your service. Also, billion dollar brands are competing for their attention every single day. As a business owners, running your business means you may not always be available to respond to customer inquiries at the time they need it most.

The value of a chatbot is that you don’t have to worry about missing out on an opportunity to serve your customers the moment they need you the most. Our goal is to design and launch a chatbot that offers customer support, onboarding or sales as well as you would in person.

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